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What if there was one food skill that could transform your life … and health?

A food skill that sustained people around the world since the beginning of time.

A food skill so easy, you could do it anytime anywhere with only the simplest tools?

That food skill is culturing – or fermentation- and thereʼs a reason itʼs making a comeback in homes and restaurants across North America and should in your home too.

If you wish you could:


  • Get rid of nagging health problems (scroll down to read how I kicked IBS to the curb)
  • Beat the bloat/lose weight
  • Heal your gut
  • Boost your immunity
  • Heal allergies
  • Learn a time honoured food preservation skill
  • Find a sense of connectedness, creativity and joy in the kitchen


…then learning how to make cultured foods could be exactly what you have been looking for.

Right now though you may feel overwhelmed with your day-to-day commitments.

Maybe you think you can not possibly add one more thing to the mix. And maybe youʼre wondering if culturing your own food- AT HOME- is even safe.

You may TRY to keep up on all the current diet and nutrition info. Because you really do
want the best for your family. But itʼs all just so darn confusing. Like a hamster wheel of
trying to figure out whatʼs best and why…


I was once where you are today.

Iʼm Jill Kantor, founder of the Urban Homestead and I know exactly how you feel.

I know how it feels to be caught up in the daily grind – the hamster wheel of corporate life, daycare, activities and travel.

I know exactly how exhausting it can be. How disconnected you can feel.

Maybe itʼs because I am a corporate maven by day and an urban homesteader (in progress) by *night*. And it wasnʼt that long ago that I had no idea about the difference between pastured and free range. About GMO and conventional. And I can say that learning about traditional foods – in particular- fermentation/culturingnot only transformed my gut. It transformed my life.

It wasnʼt that long ago that I was in and out of the doctorsʼ offices. No one could say exactly what was going on with my gut (Crohns? Colitis? IBS?).

I was working an executive level corporate job and I was tired and I was in pain. I had
nothing left to give at the end of the day. And then I discovered fermented foods. And slowly, but surely, my health started to improve. Until that day when I cancelled the specialist appointment. Because I didnʼt need it anymore.

From gut to garden- everything around me started to look different. I was connecting with local farmers. My front yard became a garden and the pantry transformed from packaged to …pure.

Traditional foods – and culturing- is based on simplicity, seasonality and transformation.
And once those principles found their way into my kitchen, they seemed to find a way into other parts of my life as well…Thatʼs why I think of fermentation as a gateway to the
good life… Thatʼs why I created a simple- yet deeply nourishing- in-home care package, tailor made with wisdom, beauty and TLC for folks like you who need to reconnect…

The Fully Cultured Kitchen is a day-long-immersion in the joys and benefits of cultured foods.

You will learn how to ferment (culture) absolutely anything. Together we will walk step by
step through the steps you must take to create delicious and seasonal ferments…

Weʼll make:

  • probiotic condiments (ketchup, for example)
  • kombucha (cultured tea- an excellent replacement for those juice and pop addicts in
  • the family)
  • cultured vegetables (like my favourite pickles and krauts)
  • Jillʼs lacto-fermented Pico De Gallo (my *signature* salsa fresca)

At the end of the day you will also have enough cultured food (ferments) to fill your table and nurture your inner ecosystem for 3 months.This is a full day session where I provide a traditional foods lunch- including goodies grown on my own urban homestead…

Are you ready to nourish yourself (and your family)? Body, mind and soul?

You are worth it. Your family is worth it.

Yes! I want to book MY one-on-one in home workshop.

Bring a piece of the farm home…

*Add a pantry-upgrade walkthrough

*In season: Start the day at a farmerʼs market:

I am so sure you will *love* our day together that I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100 per cent satisfied.

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