I loved Jill’s Intro to Fermentation class. I learned a lot, and left with some delicious things that I had made. It was a fun and laid back environment, with lots of tasting and talking. Jill provided me with the knowledge and confidence to continue trying new things at home. The pico de gallo is a personal favourite!

After tasting Jill’s kombucha at her Into to Fermentation class, I was sold on taking her Kombucha making class. Jill walked us through the process step by step, allowing us to taste things along the way. She provided all of the materials as well as a beautiful SCOBY. 2 years later and I’m still brewing!

Ashley Rach

As a Live Cell Analyst, one of the main health challenges I see in my practice is digestive health. When it comes to digestive health foods, Jill is the girl to call!!

She did a fermenting class at the Shea Tree Wellness Center for myself and some of my clients and we had an absolute blast. Who knew fermenting could be so much fun!

She was organized, incredibly knowledgeable, and super efficient. Not only did we eat some great food, learn a ton and have a great time doing it…we also went home with beautiful jars of fermented food to last us for weeks or even months.

This is a class that everyone could benefit from and I highly recommend it for overall health and for a great time. Thanks so much Jill for the incredible value. It was truly a treat.

Teena Sheptycki
Biological Health and Healing
“The fermenting class was excellent.  I had never fermented prior to this experience and Jill took us through the process step-by-step. Her passion was evident throughout the workshop and I would highly recommend it for anyone!”

“I have been to quite a few cooking classes in my life… Never have I enjoyed more the experience of Jill’s fermentation class. From the information before the class to educate her student’s, the utmost professional but warm environment, everything imaginable touch was taken care of and then to top it off after the class is over she contacts her student’s again for follow up with their progress.

Jill also generously shared with us her own private stash of ingredients that she has collected from her travels. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in their health and learning about this new (or now I know from our evening ancient) technique.”

Radclyffe Rochon 

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