Quick fermented veggies

Being a busy mom with a hectic life, people have asked how I find time to make traditionally-prepared food in my home.

There are many foods I make, but the one that’s a constant is fermented vegetables.

The other day, I made 2 jars in under 5 minutes.

Here’s how I did it:

I took whatever veggies I had (organic heirloom carrots and cabbage), put them each in Mason jars (1 quart), added fresh organic cilantro, 4 fresh garlic cloves (didn’t even chop – put the whole clove in), pure sea salt (1 Tbsp), cumin seeds (to your taste), whey (4Tbsp) and spring water …

Voila … Done! It’s that simple…

Basically, all in the jar, leave on the counter for 5 days and into the fridge.

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