Session Preparation

Soon you will begin down a new path in your culinary journey. You are now much closer to becoming a cultured urbanite in every sense of the phrase! I’m excited to show you how the depth of the fermentation process can *liven* your culinary experience. 
I am very much looking forward to meeting you and helping you take the next steps in your renewed approach to bettering your overall health and well-being. 

Below are a few tidbits in order to help you prepare for our session together. 

Jill Kantor
CFO – Chief Fermentation Officer, The Urban Homestead



After you sign up you will be sent a list of recipes to which you will be able to choose from! Please select which recipes you would like to make and I will start the prep!

All of your supplies – from mason jars, foods, spices, distilled spring water, as well as all of the equipment you will need (measuring cups, etc) will be provided to you as part of your session fee.


You are welcome to have your session held in the comfort of your own kitchen or on location at The Urban Homestead. If you select your own home, your kitchen will be as clean as it was before I arrived. No cleanup.

If you choose to visit The Urban Homestead for your session, please note the following directions:

Most importantly, you will need to bring your enthusiasm, creativity, an open mind and an appetite!

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