The Cultured Urbanite

Experience the rhythm and joy that comes from knowing how to prepare the food that nourished our parents and grandparents…

Steep in the gratification of being in touch with the seasonal rhythms that were the heart
of every kitchen in generations past.

Letʼs start with one of the most important traditional food skills- and hottest food trends
(everything old is new again). Letʼs learn how to ferment – or culture your food.

I have special love for fermentation. Itʼs transformed my health and the way I look at the

Hereʼs why:

MASON_JAR_1 It nurtures you health, especially your gut

MASON_JAR_1 You can do it ANYWHERE

MASON_JAR_1 You donʼt need special equipment

MASON_JAR_1 Itʼs an essential, yet forgotten food group

MASON_JAR_1 Itʼs a time-honoured way to preserve food

The Urban Homestead offers one-on-one and group coaching packages in your home (or the location of your choice). You can grab more details on preparation, location, and what you need to do before your session here!

With a certified traditional foods teacher  by your side, you can be confident you’ll be guided every step of the way with an expert touch.

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Kombucha Culture

During this 2 hour class you will be guided through everything you need to know in order to brew your own Kombucha at home. Learn the simplicity and rhythm of making your own Kombucha from the first fermentation process to the nuances of the second fermentation to add your own flavours.

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The Basics Of Culture

In this half day session you will learn how to transform your food from basic vegetable to
probiotic powerhouse.0Learn the how and why of culturing vegetables in this hands-on session. In addition to creating your own sliced and shredded ferments you will be treated to plenty of samples that will make your belly happy and your taste buds sing…

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A Side Of Culture

{Prerequisite – The Basics of Culture}

Use the alchemy of culturing (the same process used in yogurt) to transform condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise into a probiotic goodies. Four recipes. Half a Day. One amazing experience. Guaranteed.

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 The Fully Cultured Kitchen

Immerse yourself in this signature offering where you will be treated to a full day, handson
experience. I will guide you through everything you need to know to make delicious and nourishing ferments.

Your kitchen will be filled with the vibrant energy and tastes of fresh produce that is ready to be transformed into a beautifully preserved, probiotic powerhouse. There is a reason that ferments are loved by so many food and health connoisseurs- from Paleo to GAPS to raw foodists to homesteaders (or wannabee urban homesteaders)…

Your kitchen will become a palette and our art will come from the beautiful array of brightly colored vegetables. This is what we will work with as you learn the ancient art of lacto-fermentation….

Thereʼs a reason lacto-fermentation was an art – and a kitchen staple – used to promote health for hundreds of years. And thereʼs a reason itʼs making a comeback in homes today.

Letʼs reclaim this forgotten food group together.

You will learn how to ferment (culture) absolutely anything. You will make delicious and seasonal ferments such as single slice ferments (pickles), shredded vegetable ferments
(krauts), and condiments like ketchup…

At the end of the day you will also have enough cultured food (ferments) to fill your table and nurture your inner ecosystem for 3 months.

~ Probiotic condiments
~ Kombucha (cultured tea- an excellent replacement for those juice and pop addicts in the family)
~ Cultured vegetables
~ Jillʼs lacto-fermented Pico De Gallo (my *signature* salsa fresca)

This is a full day session where I provide a traditional foods lunch- including goodies grown on my own urban homestead…

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Have an idea for a custom session- tailor-made for your needs? Drop me a line at
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