About Me

About the Urban Homestead

Hi there, Iʼm Jill, and I created The Urban Homestead

a place where you can come and learn about the good life- a life I believe is meant to abound in simplicity, nourishment and beauty…

The Urban Homestead is all about offering you an unforgettable experience- through tours, group workshops and ultra-special in-your- home, VIP days.

I adore helping overstressed, overworked women whose kitchens have become overrun with boxed food, *transform* their kitchen back into the very heart of their home. Transition back to the warmth of traveling out to a weekend farmerʼs market and knowing what your farmer looks like- being able to speak to them directly…


The root of what I believe

I believe that food should be a source of joy and discovery in your life! That eating nourishing food doesnʼt have to be complicated – or time consuming. And what I have seen and experienced in my world travels has taught me that less truly is more (j’aime la simplicité!).

So, I believe you can create the life your heart aches for, with small steps- no matter what you are doing now- whether that is working as a CEO in a office tower or staying at home with your littles….

My Story


Looking back, Iʼm quite sure I fell in love with the simple life as a child- surrounded by the smell of my Bubba’s chicken soup, the taste of my Grammies famous chocolate banana cake and the excitement of eating homemade pickles made during our family pickling weekend..

I learned then that food wasnʼt only about nourishment- it was about feeling connected.

My love for culinary adventure continued into adulthood. As a luxury yacht cook, I spent months sailing from island-to-island in the Caribbean, provisioning gourmet food. Catching a 100 lb tuna and serving sushi right off the deck of the boat…

Those youthful adventures sailed me right into the corporate world. Where I fell into the traps many of us find ourself in today- eating at our desk. Not engaging with our food.

Shopping only at the supermarket. Thinking about supper in the car on the way home in rush hour traffic. Life was moving so very quickly…

And have you ever experienced something that brought your whole world to a screeching halt? That made you re-examine everything? Me too.

I realized that I not only WANTED to reconnect with that part of me that loved a life based on simplicity, joy and seasonal rhythms. I realized that I needed to.

If I was ever to find my soul song again, I had to slow down long enough to hear it.

And when I did, I realized I could help others do the same too. Through the joy of a day at the farmerʼs market. Of growing your own garden. Of that family food ritual.

And so, The Urban Homestead was born.

And thatʼs my story. Whatʼs yours? Do juicy in-season strawberries and a colorful collection of pickles, a pot of bubbling chicken soup make your heart sing? Do you want to create a kitchen thatʼs the heart of the home? A little urban homestead of your own? Letʼs connect.

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