2015 Goals …. And Beyond

I’m not one to create a list of New Year’s Resolutions, as many do. Rather I tend to create *goals* that are attainable and don’t have a defined time frame that they need to be accomplished within. For me, this reduces the feeling of ‘failure’ that may come if I set out resolutions with a ‘deadline’; it’s really just semantics, but being a goal-oriented person I thought I’d share what I hope to accomplish at The Urban Homestead throughout 2015 and beyond.

In no particular order…

  1. Bee Keeping – Look into bee-keeping courses to be taken in 2016; yup, thinking of having my own bees!
  2. Cob Oven – Connect with Paolo Riva from Urban Eatin‘ Co-op to determine if a Cob Oven could be a reality in my back yard; for a 2016 build.
  3. The Urban Market – begin the process of my second launch along with The Urban Homestead. Stay tuned for details …
  4. Garden – start planting indoor seeds in March and watch the seedlings grow. Work with Urban Eatin‘ to redesign the layout for my front and back yard gardens. Select new (never been grown) vegetables to plant this summer – zucchini, squash, parsnip, turnip etc.
  5. Fruit trees – replant front yard cherry tree and add an additional one in the back yard.
  6. Fishing Skills – fish more, learn more. Try ice fishing this winter and polish my summer trout and walleye catching skills.
  7. Wild Edible Foraging – select 3 wild edibles and learn to identify and cook with them really well – Stinging Nettle, Lambs Quarters and Cattail. Also, wild mushroom foraging, take some identification lessons.
  8. Cheese Skills – master 3 kinds – Feta, Chevre and a Hard Cheese.
  9. Sourdough – master the crackers and bread recipes.
  10. DIY Pantry – focus on creating more DIY pantry items from fermented mustard and ketchup, fermented mayonnaise, pasta sauce in large batches and whatever else strikes my fancy.
  11. Rain Barrels – source wooden barrels and install to use for garden to reduce water usage.
  12. Small Space Garden – Involve my daughter in gardening and build her a garden space that is special for her.
  13. Local Farmers – Continue to support my favourite local producers for meats, poultry, eggs, honey, fair trade, locally roasted coffee and join a CSA again in the spring.
  14. Spring Clean & Give – reduce and clear out the unused and unnecessary household items from toys, clothes, housewares and give to organizations that are in need.
  15. Spend Time Outside – get out more – snow, rain, or shine! Hiking, walking, fishing, camping, gardening, playing, skiing, skating, scavenger hunts … anything that can be enjoyed outside!
  16. Traditional Food Rhythm – continue with my rhythm and become even more seamless from weekly bone broths, ferments, kombucha, kefir, sourdough, and all the other goodies that are always brewing in the kitchen.
  17. Go Greener – start creating homemade DIY household cleaners, continue to compost & recycle.
  18. Enjoy Family Time – first and foremost. Spend time, build great memories, enjoy every moment, ‘be present’.
  19. Breathe Deep – know that I can only do what I can with the time and the resources available to me. Know there are others who are experts at what they do and acknowledge it’s OK to call in for help (Urban Eatin’, for example). Each step I take is part of a bigger picture.
  20. Enjoy & Learn – enjoy every moment and learn as much as I can so, in turn, I can share with others; write blogs on my journey throughout the year.

 Here’s to a great year … and beyond!

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